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The Gyroscopic Punch

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What would stick better than a nail? So we have created the first gyroscopìc throwing punch.

Is so easy to throw it with accuracy, that in fact, you don´t need instructions… Just “throw it as a rock and will fly as a dart”. It is unbelievable but a real truth. With the gyro punch you would hunt a deer or a wild boar without a problem. Amazing its penetration power.

Please have a look to the attached video.

Data sheet
Diameter6 mm
Rod length140 mm
RodBluish mild steel
Weight220 grams
FlippersZytel 801, unbreakables and knock resistant, no rebounds
Dimension195 mm (closed) 352 mm(opened)

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Gyro Punch

The Gyroscopic Punch

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This Gyro Punch flies with its tip always facing the target, due to
the gyroscopic effect of its spin around its longitudinal axis (as
a rifle bullet does)


As you see at the attached video.


Once the knife is resting on the index finger tip, it slips up due
to the centrifugal force; the friction between the fingertip and
the resting surface generates the spin, this spin stabilizes the
knife’s flight.


Ballistic throw: place yourself at 10 paces from the target, your
right leg in front and, with a loose wrist, throw it as you would
throw a ball, with a direct throw, of basketball (as per the

Direct throw

place your left leg in front and throw the dart knife
as you do when throwing a rock with three fingers; kindly, you can
practice by throwing few rocks and pay your attention to the
release instant, which is the moment when you release your thumb
and middle finger and the rock sticks onto your index finger tip.

Wrist movement must be from rear to forward; avoid wrist rotations.


the instructions are only two words. “LOOSE WRIST”

Place yourself from 10 paces to the target and throw the gyro punch
with a slightly upward path, keeping your wrist completely loose.
The punch will fly with its tip facing the target and spinning
clock wise (watch the rear logo )


instructions are only five words: RELEASE BEGINNING THE WRIST LASH


LOOSE WRIST: relax your wrist as when you’re throwing a stone
gently, reaching a ballistic path. Place the index finger tip a
bit to the right of the resting surface. Start the movement with
your hand above the level of your ear.

FIND THE RELEASE INSTANT: which is the same instant in which you
BEGIN the wrist’slash . Pay all your attention to it; if you
release too early, the punch will face toward the right, if you do
it to late the knife will face towards the left, but in both cases
the punch will correct itself during the fly and finally will stick
to the target.

LET IT SLIP: The punch must escape from the hand slipping onto the
index finger tip, don’t hinder this action; the more the knife
spins the more stable the flight. The index finger tip must be
pushing till the knife leaves your finger, because the last push is
what generates the spin.

THROWING CORRECTIONS: if just leaving your hand, the punch aims
towards the right: move your fingertip to the right and/or retard
the instant of release. If aims towards the left: move your finger
tip to the left and /or advance the instant of release.

During this time period forget about aiming, first you must learn
how to throw the gyro punch. This is the reason for using a big
enough target. You must pay all your attention to your hand, not to
the target !


When throwing, don’t worry about keeping the tip of the punch
directed always to the target; when flying, the punch corrects
itself providing that it is spinning like a bullet.

Use a big enough target; dashboard plywood 1,2 x 2,4 m and 16 mm in
thickness works really well. Pine planks too.

Stand about 10 paces from the target; it’s a good distance for

Feel the punch’s weight, get used to the sensation of its weight

Start throwing upwards (as a ballistic throw) and gradually throw
straight to the target.


Make sure nobody is standing in front of you, as they could be
injured. The thrower is the only and exclusive responsible for any
arm inflicted to persons, animals or goods. Keep this gyro punch
away from children and adolescents.


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