Gyro Throwing Knives

Gyro Throwing Knives

How to throw a gyroscopic knife

Have you ever thrown a direct shot, playing basket-ball?
You have to support the ball with the fingers and with a loose wrist you throw it up letting slip the ball onto the fingers, the ball leaves your hand  gently, turning, and describing a parabolic path to get to the basket.
This is exactly the way for throwing a gyro knife (knife, dart or pocket knife, doesn´t matter!)
The knife tip always flies forward and points the target, regardless of the distance that it is.
that´s the way the world record was beaten with a shot at 18 meters distance, while the audience watched in disbelief how the knife went through the air like an arrow, without turning; well, it seemed not turning, but he did, spun like a rifle bullet, or rather like a spinning top that was on the air, but people did not realize that!
I've seen nayling the gyroscopic knives from 40 meters distance and you also can see it, in one of the videos  showed at this web page.
The funny thing  is that you don´t need to be an expert knife thrower to achieve it. We have done many tests to see how easy or difficult it is to learn sticking the target  with the  gyroscopic knives.
We have used groups of 10 boys of various ages with the target 6 meters away and the average result has been:
2 failed to nail it
3 needed 5 or 6 attempts to nail it
5 nailed the first try
Only two words are needed to stic the knife: "loose wrist"
A large enough target, and...
Half an hour of practice (unless you belong to the group that nails it, the first throw ....)
All we have explained, is in the attached video  "Gyro Dart Knife" 
                                             Have fun with the Gyro Dart Knife

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Would you like to stick a knife at any distance and learn how to do it in half an hour?

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